BCS Batog Cleaning Services Edinburgh

Honest & Efficient Work

The BCS was established in 2006. The cleaning services have been provided since 2008. Throughout the years of hard and dedicated work, the "Batog Cleaning Services" has established a strong brand name within the circle of truly satisfied clients.

The main focus of the BCS is to provide the clients with the highest level of quality cleaning services. Our business motto is `Whatever you do, do it right or not at all. We guarantee customer satisfaction as all of our offers are individually adjusted to the clients requirements.

Our high cleaning standards are achieved with the precision, solidarity and reliability of the highly trained professional workers. All of our staff work in esthetic company outifts with visible identification cards.

With our crew, reliable and high quality machinery as well as low prices, the BCS is a competitive cleaning company that can guarantee high level of satisfaction to any customer.

Why Use Us?

  • Industrious and detail-oriented cleaning techs, devoted to please you.
  • Sticking to the highest standards in the trade and competent methods.
  • The final touch of every property is the clean and welcoming condition.
  • Convenient, qualitative and affordable - that’s who we are!
  • If you're in need of professional office cleaning service, Batog Cleaning Services is the perfect office cleaning solution.